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Strengthening Ties: Estonian President’s Three-Day Visit to Cyprus

President Alar Karis’s threeday visit to Cyprus is a significant step towards strengthening diplomatic relations between Estonia and Cyprus. The agenda includes official ceremonies, bilateral discussions, media engagement, cultural and educational exchanges, and civic engagements to foster mutual understanding and amplify their voices on the international stage.

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Christodoulides to meet UN envoy Holguin

President Nikos Christodoulides is meeting with UN envoy Maria Holguin to discuss Mediterranean geopolitical issues and the Cyprus dispute. The goal is to resume talks within the UN framework and seek a peaceful settlement respecting all Cypriots’ rights, despite challenges from the Turkish Cypriot side.

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Tatar’s Diplomatic Engagements in London

Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar is currently in London for a diplomatic mission, which includes meetings with British Parliament members and participating in the 40th anniversary celebration of the Turkish Cypriot community’s independence. Tatar emphasizes the important role of the diaspora in their identity and is eagerly looking forward to joining in the festivities.

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