digitalization eu support

Cyprus Advances in Digital Connectivity

Cyprus has made significant strides in digital connectivity with EU support, establishing a Broadband competence office and upgrading networks in remote areas like the Troodos Mountains school. The focus on inclusivity ensures equitable access for all, showcasing Cyprus’s commitment to bridging the digital divide and fostering innovation across the island.

tax evasion tax administration

The Challenge of Tax Evasion in Cyprus

Cyprus is facing a challenge with tax evasion, impacting its economy. Solutions include improving tax administration efficiency, digitalizing services, implementing stricter penalties, and simplifying tax return processes to reduce evasion and foster compliance.

maritime services one-stop shipping centre

A New Era in Cypriot Maritime Services

The Deputy Ministry of Shipping in Cyprus has launched a onestop shipping centre, streamlining maritime services and enhancing efficiency in the Cypriot maritime sector. The centre provides prioritized access to state resources, revolutionizing the industry and positioning Cyprus as a global maritime player.

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