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Larnaca Takes Action Against Mosquitoes

Larnaca is taking proactive steps to combat its mosquito population, including using biological insecticides in breeding areas like salt lakes and spraying stagnant water bodies. Community involvement is also key, with residents encouraged to remove standing water and clear vegetation, while ecofriendly solutions are prioritized to preserve ecosystems and reduce the ecological footprint.

early warning system dengue-carrying mosquitoes

Early Warning System for Dengue-Carrying Mosquitoes

VEClim, an online digital early warning system developed by the Cyprus Institute, monitors and projects the activity of Asian tiger mosquitoes, carriers of dengue fever, in Cyprus. By integrating entomological research with climate modeling, VEClim provides risk assessments, detailed analyses of potential outbreaks, and informs public health planning and vector control strategies, making it a valuable tool in preventing vectorborne diseases.

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