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murder trial delay

Yet Another Delay in Trial for Murder of Turkish Cypriot Girl

The trial for the murder of Zehie Helin Reessur, a Turkish Cypriot girl, has been delayed once again due to unresolved discussions between the accused’s defense lawyer and the defendant’s family. This decision prolongs the trial, which has already been delayed for 338 days since the incident, and has sparked a collective mourning and frustration within the local community.

justice delay

Delay in Justice for Turkish Cypriot Teenager’s Murder Case

The trial of Sefer Bugra Altundag, accused of murdering Zehie Helin Reessur, a Turkish Cypriot girl, has been postponed again due to his lawyer’s request for more time to consult. This delay, which marks almost a year since the proceedings began, is causing mounting concerns over timely justice as the community and the grieving family anxiously await closure.

sanitary shortages insufficient hygiene resources

Alarming Sanitary Shortages in Northern Schools

Recent reports have revealed alarming shortages of sanitary supplies in northern schools, with students receiving as little as 0.12 toilet rolls per year. Delivery of hygiene materials has been delayed, and schools are depending on philanthropy for facility construction, highlighting the urgent need for systemic change and adequate resources.

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