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Boost in Compensation for Contract Soldiers

The recent boost in compensation for contract soldiers includes a significant pay increase, ranging from €15,109 to €40,279 annually, along with additional monthly allowances of €100 to €200. Career prospects have also improved, with an age cap increase from 42 to 57 years for transitioning into other roles after a tenyear service, highlighting the government’s commitment to strengthening national defense through better support for those who serve.

security defense

Kyiv to Tighten Security After Ballistic Missile Attacks

Kyiv is tightening security measures after ballistic missile attacks by overhauling defense strategies, seeking additional air defense systems from Western allies, and raising public awareness for increased vigilance against infiltration threats. The city’s response plan includes reinforced security at public events and proactive steps to ensure the safety of its citizens, highlighting the need for collective action in the face of ongoing aggression.

diplomacy defense

Strengthening Ties: Cyprus and France Discuss Strategic Cooperation

Cyprus and France are deepening their strategic cooperation, focusing on defence and security, with discussions on regional stability in the Mediterranean. The French frigate Courbet symbolizes France’s commitment to partnership with Cyprus, reflecting a broad strategic alliance including economic, cultural, and international collaboration.

cyprus armenia

Cyprus and Armenia Build on Long-Standing Ties

Cyprus and Armenia are reinforcing their relationship through defense cooperation and regional stability discussions. The two nations also collaborated on a €1.71 million educational tourism project to enhance cultural appreciation and promote regional cooperation.

diplomatic ties defense

US-Cyprus Relations Reach New Heights

USCyprus relations have reached new heights with a strong commitment to enhancing defense, security, political, and economic ties. President Nikos Christodoulides’s strategic visits and discussions emphasize Cyprus’s role in regional stability, energy cooperation, and humanitarian efforts.

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