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Identifying Victims of Labor Exploitation: Europol’s Coordinated Efforts in Europe

During a weeklong Europewide operation by Europol, 334 potential victims of labor exploitation were identified, with Cyprus Police uncovering five victims within their jurisdiction, emphasizing a concerted effort to address this issue across the continent. Arrests were made and ongoing investigations are taking place, showcasing the collaborative and effective measures being implemented to combat labor exploitation in Europe.

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Beware of Fraudulent Emails Posing as Cyprus Police Communications

In a recent development, the public is being targeted by a sophisticated email scam posing as communications from the Cyprus Police. These fraudulent emails, crafted to appear official, contain false allegations and requests for personal information in an attempt to deceive recipients for financial gain. The Cyprus Police have issued a warning, advising the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious emails to the authorities while using verified channels to seek legitimate contact with the police.

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