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Greek Diplomacy and the Prospect of Renewed Talks

Greek diplomacy is optimistic about renewing efforts to resolve the Cyprus problem, with potential for a “window of opportunity” to rekindle dialogue. Greece remains committed to a UNaligned settlement to end the division of Cyprus and supports a fair solution respecting both Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities.

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Cypriot MEPs Champion Awareness for the Cyprus Issue

Cypriot MEPs Loucas Fourlas and Michalis Hadjipantelas organized an event in the European Parliament to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, aiming to raise awareness and garner support for a peaceful resolution to the Cyprus issue through photographs and a video narrative.

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Demetriou: Cyprus must take bold steps toward peace

House President Annita Demetriou passionately urges Cyprus to take bold steps towards peace, emphasizing the need for transparency, communication, and mutual respect between communities. She warns against passivity, calling for unity and proactive approaches to demonstrate Cyprus’s commitment to resolving the longstanding conflict.

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Holguin’s Goals Block Out Two States

The Republic of Cyprus, with the support of UN envoy Maria Angela Holguin, stands against a twostate solution for the Cyprus issue, advocating for a unified Cyprus within the EU. Diplomatic efforts under Holguin’s guidance aim to restart negotiations for a mutually beneficial resolution, pushing back against Turkish demands for division.

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Anastasiades Clarifies His Stance on Cyprus Issue

Former President Nicos Anastasiades clarifies his stance on the Cyprus issue, vehemently denying allegations of supporting a twostate solution and advocating for a decentralized government instead. Emphasizing the importance of accurate reporting in such delicate political matters, Anastasiades addresses the controversy surrounding his discussions, highlighting the complexities of diplomatic negotiations and the need for clarity amidst historical and ethnic tensions.

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Examining the Viability of a New Approach to the Cyprus Issue

Harris Georgiades proposes a “stepbystep” negotiation process for the Cyprus Problem, advocating incremental agreements to build trust rather than seeking an immediate comprehensive solution, challenging the current focus on maintaining Greek Cypriot political authority. In his recent book, “The New Realism – The Cyprus Problem 50 years after the Turkish invasion,” Georgiades assesses the past political decisions shaping Cyprus, urging a fresh, realistic negotiation approach that deviates from the entrenched positions of the ruling class and emphasizes incremental agreements for building trust among all parties.

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Optimism in Greek-Turkish Relations: A Beacon for Cyprus

Former Turkish President Abdullah Gul’s remarks on the improving GreekTurkish relations point towards a brighter future for resolving the Cyprus issue. He underlines the potential for regional stability, prosperity, and enhanced cooperation in areas like energy supply, NATO and EU relations, and regional security, signaling a beacon of hope for Mediterranean nations.

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Renewed Diplomatic Efforts on the Cyprus Issue

In renewed diplomatic efforts on the Cyprus issue, President Nikos Christodoulides is meeting with UN representatives Colin Stewart and Ersin Tatar to facilitate dialogue and explore new resolutions for the island’s division. These highlevel talks aim to pave the way for potential solutions, with upcoming briefings and consultations signaling a significant push towards peace and reconciliation in the region.

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Diplomatic Efforts Intensify over the Cyprus Issue

Recent diplomatic efforts to resolve the Cyprus issue have intensified with crucial dialogues in New York and anticipated meetings in Washington involving UN Secretary General’s Personal Envoy Maria Holguin and key representatives aiming to find common ground and discuss Cyprus’s future within the UN Security Council framework. The dialogue in New York between Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos and UN Assistant Secretary General Miroslav Jenca highlighted the ongoing efforts to maintain stability in Cyprus, emphasizing the importance of Unficyp’s role in peacekeeping operations and the need for evolving strategies for lasting peace in the region.

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