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Teen Remanded in Connection with Limassol Yacht Burglary

A 19yearold arrested at Larnaca Airport in connection with a Limassol yacht burglary where valuable items, including a drone, camera, and laptop, were stolen. The incident sparked increased security measures at the prestigious Limassol Marina to prevent future burglaries and safeguard personal belongings from potential cyber threats.

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Cybercrime ‘knows no borders’

Cybercrime knows no borders, impacting society at all levels from personal identity theft to attacks on national infrastructure. International cooperation and professional dedication are essential in developing effective strategies to combat these threats and protect digital assets.

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Deloitte Cyprus Welcomes New Leaders to Its Partnership

Deloitte Cyprus has added new partners to its leadership Yiannis Ioannides for cybersecurity, Andreas Yiouselli for corporate governance, and Panayiotis Marinou for tax advisory enhancing the firm’s capabilities. These promotions signify Deloitte’s commitment to staying ahead of market demands and providing topnotch services to clients in a rapidly changing business landscape.

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National Cybersecurity Coordination Centre Takes Charge

The National Cybersecurity Coordination Centre (NCCCY) is taking charge to bolster the country’s cyber defenses by enhancing digital infrastructure resilience and safeguarding key infrastructures. With a focus on education and support initiatives, the NCCCY aims to address the human element of cyber threats, especially for small and mediumsized businesses, to elevate the national economy’s cybersecurity posture.

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Cyprus Embracing AI in Aviation, Eyes Regional Role

Cyprus is taking a bold leap into the future of aviation by integrating artificial intelligence and cybersecurity into its aviation sector, paving the way for innovation and enhanced safety in the skies. Through strategic collaborations and initiatives like hosting international conferences and partnering with EATEO, the country is positioning itself as a vanguard in embracing advanced technologies for economic growth and regional leadership.

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School Bomb Threats Trace Back to Swiss Internet Service

School bomb threat emails in Cyprus were traced back to a Swiss internet service provider, highlighting the challenges faced by law enforcement in addressing digital threats across borders. Collaborative efforts between Cypriot and Russian authorities led to the discovery, with similar threats targeting other European countries, emphasizing the need for enhanced cybersecurity measures and international cooperation.

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Online Fraud: A Growing Threat to Digital Security

Online fraud is becoming a prominent threat in the digital world, with scammers targeting unsuspecting individuals for financial gain. A recent case involving a 56yearold woman highlights the dangers of falling for online scams, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and cybersecurity measures to protect oneself from such deceitful practices.

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Understanding Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a type of financial fraud where attackers deceive companies by gaining access to corporate email accounts. Prevention measures include educating employees, verifying payment requests, and limiting sensitive data exposure to combat this widespread threat to organizations worldwide.

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Cyprus Business Now: Weekly Wrap-Up

The Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) has introduced European MediumTerm Notes (EMTNs) to increase market liquidity and diversity, aligning with strategies to strengthen its role in the European financial landscape. Meanwhile, the real estate sector in Cyprus faces challenges with a downturn in transactions, influenced by inflation and rising interest rates.

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