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Kertepene Siblings’ 40-Year Cultural Contribution Honoured

The Kertepene siblings, Maria and Zacharias, have been honored for their 40year dedication to Cyprus’ cultural heritage at the Vasilitzia Cultural Club. Their work in preserving Cypriot traditions and educating youth has set a standard for cultural stewardship and enriched the national identity, illuminating a vibrant tapestry of arts and traditions for future generations.

culinary tradition

A Culinary Rediscovery at Firis, Konia

At Firis in Konia, guests can savor a blend of traditional Cypriot flavors with modern flair, featuring woodfired bread, seasonal meze, and smoky meats in an ambiance that celebrates the island’s gastronomic heritage. The recently refurbished restaurant, located near Paphos, offers a warm and inviting experience that promises a culinary rediscovery of Cyprus.

tourism tradition

Experiential Workshops: A Gateway to Cyprus’s Rural Charm

The Experiential Workshops Grant Scheme for 2024 in Cyprus aims to boost rural tourism by supporting traditional crafts, agricultural processing, and gastronomy workshops. These immersive experiences offer cultural insight, economic benefits for local communities, and promote sustainable tourism, showcasing the authentic charm of Cyprus’s rural regions.

celebration tradition

A Festive Spectacle: Limassol’s Children’s Carnival Parade

Limassol’s Children’s Carnival Parade is a vibrant celebration that marks the beginning of carnival season in Cyprus, showcasing 63 imaginative floats and a range of costumes reflecting the cultural diversity of the region. This festive tradition unites people of all ages, creating lasting memories and highlighting the unifying power of community celebrations.

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A Weekend Full of Music

This weekend, Cyprus is alive with music as local artists showcase their talent in different genres across multiple venues. From the soothing melodies of Rembetiko in Nicosia to the energetic jazz performances in Limassol, attendees are in for a treat as they immerse themselves in the island’s rich musical heritage.

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