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historical landmark cultural preservation

Island’s Oldest Police Station Set for Renovation

The Paphos Gate Police Station in Nicosia is undergoing a renovation to preserve its historical architecture. Plans include transforming part of the building into a museum to showcase the Venetian walls, with a potential relocation of the police museum. The focus is on careful restoration and community involvement to enhance Nicosia’s cultural heritage.

education cultural preservation

Rizokarpaso Students’ Education: A Commitment to Support

The Ministry of Education is dedicated to supporting Rizokarpaso students in northern Cyprus, ensuring quality education and preserving cultural heritage. Minister Athena Michaelidou’s pledge to address their educational needs highlights a commitment to reinforcing the community’s identity and values despite geopolitical challenges.

rural areas cultural preservation

Ioannou: Government attaches great importance to promoting rural areas

The government’s strategy for revitalizing rural areas involves fostering development and growth through incentives to attract professionals and families, green growth initiatives, entrepreneurship encouragement, and local government reform. This multipronged approach aims to make rural communities desirable places to live and work, ensuring their cultural preservation and modernday viability.

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Dr. Yiannis Toumazis Appointed Director of BoCCF

Dr. Yiannis Toumazis, a renowned figure in the cultural sector of Cyprus, has been appointed as the new Director of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation (BoCCF). With his extensive experience and impressive credentials, Dr. Toumazis is set to lead the Foundation towards a future where Cypriot culture is both preserved and celebrated, ensuring its thriving for generations to come.

cultural preservation restoration

Historic bastion in Famagusta fully restored

The restoration of the Arsenal/Canbulat Bastion in Famagusta is a significant cultural achievement, funded by the European Union and executed by the UNDP. This project not only preserves Famagusta’s historical tapestry but also promotes community reunification and dialogue, reflecting a collective commitment to Cyprus’s rich cultural legacy.

cultural heritage water damage

Award-winning printmaker closes damaged museum

The Hambis Printmaking Museum in Plataniskia has closed due to severe water damage caused by neglect from adjacent properties. Despite Hambis Tsangaris’s efforts to protect the printmaking archive and call for assistance, bureaucratic inaction has left the culturally significant museum and its heritage at risk of permanent damage.

printmaking cultural preservation

Award-winning Printmaker Closes Damaged Museum

The Hambis Printmaking Museum in Plataniskia has closed temporarily due to extensive water damage, putting its valuable collection at risk. Despite efforts to preserve the museum and appeals to local authorities for help, the issues remain unresolved, highlighting the challenges of cultural preservation and the need for timely intervention.

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