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Action Plan for Migrant Integration in Cyprus

The Cyprus action plan for migrant integration is a comprehensive 50point strategy focusing on employment, education, health, housing, and skills development to ensure thirdcountry nationals are included in society and have access to job opportunities and basic needs for a dignified life. Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou spearheads this initiative to create a cohesive social fabric where migrants can contribute to the economy and culture, emphasizing the importance of economic participation, education, health services, and housing for successful integration.

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Kissonerga Coastal Path – A Community Triumph

The Kissonerga coastal path, achieved at a remarkable 7% of the budget, connects the village’s tourist zone to the serene shoreline with points of interest like a playground and “Lock your Love” spot, fostering community spirit and increasing tourism. This frugal triumph integrates cultural heritage, offering an aesthetic and functional pathway that symbolizes the village’s commitment to environmental harmony and connectivity, making it a standout project in the Paphos district.

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