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Pulling up a Chair to Cyprus Craft

The Phini Chair initiative in Cyprus, led by the Dio Dio Collective, aims to revive the traditional chairmaking industry in the village of Phini. It focuses on preserving this craft through skill transmission, research, and documentation, highlighting cultural resilience and the importance of sustainable practices in artisanal craftsmanship. The Dio Dio Collective, founded by Konstantina Achilleos and Tuomas Venalainen, utilizes reclaimed materials and recycled silver to create unique pieces of handicraft, including the Phini Chair. Through their research and education efforts, they aim to inspire others to embrace and innovate upon these timehonored techniques, while also seeking tangible cultural policy support to sustain the island’s heritage.

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Award-winning printmaker closes damaged museum

The Hambis Printmaking Museum in Plataniskia has closed due to severe water damage caused by neglect from adjacent properties. Despite Hambis Tsangaris’s efforts to protect the printmaking archive and call for assistance, bureaucratic inaction has left the culturally significant museum and its heritage at risk of permanent damage.

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