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The Complex Debate Over Stolen Cultural Artifacts

The debate over stolen cultural artifacts centers on the moral question of whether victimized nations should have to pay for the return of their heritage, as seen in Cyprus’ agreement with Germany for looted ecclesiastical and prehistoric items. Tasoula Hadjitofi, a vocal advocate against such transactions, highlights the ethical concerns surrounding the repatriation of stolen art in the global sphere, emphasizing the need for adherence to contemporary ethical standards in dealing with looted artifacts.

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Historic Repatriation of Cypriot Treasures

Cyprus is bringing back 60 ancient treasures taken after the 1974 Turkish invasion, including ecclesiastical relics and prehistoric artifacts, from a smuggling operation led by Aydin Dikmen. This repatriation marks a proud moment for Cyprus, symbolizing the restoration of its cultural identity and a victory for its people.

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Savour the Taste of Cyprus Cherries

The Cherry Festival in Cyprus is a vibrant celebration of local heritage and community, held annually in Kambos and Tsakkistra. Featuring culinary delights like cherry spoon sweets and international cultural exchanges, it’s a joyful event that brings people together to savor the taste of Cypriot cherries.

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Great Nicosia Walk Unveiled

The Great Nicosia Walk is a new ‘green’ promenade around the ancient Venetian walls and the moat, connecting different parts of Nicosia and serving as an outdoor museum. The initiative enhances the city’s cultural and social infrastructure, blending history with ecoconsciousness in an inviting and educational way.

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Time to Explore Lania’s Lanes and Courtyards

The Lania Lanes & Courtyards event offers visitors a vibrant celebration of Cypriot tradition and craftsmanship, featuring traditional craft workshops, folk performances, a villagewide treasure hunt, and a festive atmosphere of creativity and hospitality. Nestled in the heart of the Limassol district, this annual event, organized by the Women of Lania, showcases the village’s enduring charm and dedication to preserving its cultural heritage, welcoming all to experience a weekend of artistry and camaraderie.

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Honoring the Memory: The Armenian Genocide Commemoration

“Armenian Faces” art exhibition at the Pierides Museum in Larnaca pays tribute to the 1.5 million Armenians lost in the 1915 Genocide, inviting viewers to reflect on history through Khaldoon Daud’s poignant works until May 17. This exhibition is a profound testament to the resilience and spirit of the Armenian community, fostering solidarity and remembrance through the universal language of art.

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