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International Festival Focuses on Kids

The 1st Mitsikouri International Festival is a vibrant celebration of youth creativity in theatre, dance, and music, featuring international and local talent from across Europe. With workshops, lectures, and discussions, it aims to inspire young artists and foster a love for the arts among audiences in Nicosia, Limassol, and Lefkara.

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Drama of Opera Bridges Cultural Differences

Opera serves as a universal art form that transcends cultural barriers, uniting regions like China and Cyprus through emotive performances. From the revival of Tibetan opera in Xizang to the Aphrodite Festival in Cyprus, opera blends tradition with innovation to enrich global cultural landscapes.

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Diplomatic Dialogue: Emir of Qatar Visits Cyprus

The Emir of Qatar’s visit to Cyprus signifies a strengthening of bilateral relations and regional cooperation. Discussions focused on enhancing ties, humanitarian efforts like the Amalthea aid corridor, and Qatar’s relations with the EU. Cultural exchanges and official ceremonies underscored mutual respect, setting the stage for future collaboration in various sectors.

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John Malkovich Graces the Cyprus Stage at the Inaugural Theatre Festival

John Malkovich joins the lineup at the Cyprus International Theatre Festival, presenting “The Infamous Ramirez Hoffman” with French pianist Anastasya Terenkova, a unique blend of narration and music based on Roberto Bolaño’s work. The festival, set to run from April to June in Limassol, promises an array of local and international shows, kicking off with the premiere of “Apocalypse Tomorrow” by Kirill Serebrennikov on April 29.

diplomacy cultural exchange

Estonian President’s Diplomatic Visit to Cyprus

President Alar Karis of Estonia is on a diplomatic visit to Cyprus from March 2628. He will meet with President Nikos Christodoulides to discuss trade, technology, economic synergy, and cultural exchanges, with a focus on strengthening bilateral relations within the framework of European Union membership.

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Growing Friendships Across the Divide

The Cyprus Friendship Programme (CFP) unites Greek and Turkish Cypriot teenagers through activities like public speaking and cultural exchanges to foster peace and understanding. With over 100 participants annually, the program aims to bridge the gap between divided communities in Cyprus and the US, creating a tapestry of unity in a oncedivided homeland.

diplomatic relations international cooperation

Strengthening Ties: Cyprus and the Netherlands Celebrate Milestone Year

The visit of President Nikos Christodoulides to the Netherlands highlighted the strong bilateral ties between Cyprus and the Netherlands, coinciding with Cyprus’ 20th anniversary of EU accession. The meeting with Prime Minister Mark Rutte emphasized mutual support on defense, migration, and a united stance on EU and international matters, showcasing the enduring nature of diplomatic bonds.

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The Jazz & World Music Showcase is back

The Cyprus Jazz & World Music Showcase is a vibrant event that brings together over 40 musicians and 12 bands at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol. It serves as a platform for cultural exchange, connecting Cypriot artists with international music professionals and promoting diversity in music.

diplomacy cooperation

President Christodoulides’ Official Visit to Qatar

President Nikos Christodoulides’ official visit to Qatar aims to strengthen CyprusQatar ties through highlevel discussions, bilateral talks, cultural exchanges, and the signing of a memorandum of understanding in education and scientific research. President Christodoulides will engage in talks with the Qatari government, meet with the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, and be received by the Emir of Qatar. The visit will also include bilateral talks, a guided tour of Expo 2023, and the signing of an agreement in higher education and scientific research. The Emir of Qatar will host a meal in honor of President Christodoulides, reflecting the cordial relations between the two nations.

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