crisis management

crisis management eu involvement

Cypriots Advocate for a Proactive EU in Crisis Management

Cypriots advocate for a proactive EU in crisis management, with 93% supporting increased intervention in preparedness. While confidence in the EU varies by crisis type, Cypriots express high expectations for natural disasters and health emergencies, but skepticism towards effectiveness in violent conflicts.

fire safety wildfire prevention

Preparations Stepped Up Ahead of Wildfire Season

As the wildfire season approaches, the government is ramping up preparations with 259 new firefighters hired and a modern fire and crisis management system in place. Infrastructure improvements including new fire stations and upgrades are also part of the strategy to enhance fire safety across the country.

humanitarian aid maritime corridor

Cyprus’ Push for Humanitarian Aid to Gaza Through Maritime Corridor

Cyprus is pushing to establish a maritime corridor to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza, demonstrating its commitment to crisis management and civilian protection. President Nikos Christodoulides emphasized the importance of meetings with leaders from Egypt and Jordan in extending support to the wartorn region, highlighting the urgent need to safeguard civilians amidst the conflict.

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