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investigation cyprus shooting sport federation

Investigation Underway at Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation

A police investigation is underway at the Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation following reports of potential criminal activities involving 31 individuals. The Attorney General has called for an inquiry based on findings by the sports and ethics protection committee, signaling a tough stance against misconduct in sports organizations.

arrest fugitive

Arrest of a 39-Year-Old Fugitive

The 39yearold fugitive was arrested in Liopetri, thanks to a coordinated effort by the police, public engagement, and a tip from the community. The arrest led to the recovery of stolen property, including a motorcycle, and the suspect is believed to be involved in various criminal activities such as burglaries and vehicle thefts.

fraudulent money schemes arrest

Arrest of a 38-year-old Woman Wanted for Fraudulent Money Schemes

A 38yearold woman has been arrested for her alleged involvement in fraudulent money schemes, including fraudulent misappropriation of goods, forgery, fraudulent transactions, and money laundering. The arrest comes after an extensive investigation by the Limassol Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the suspect is currently facing legal proceedings, with a sevenday detention order issued by the Limassol District Court. The victims of the schemes have experienced financial and possibly emotional turmoil, and it is important to respect privacy and legal considerations when reporting and discussing the case.

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