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Govt Unveils New ‘Accountability Website’

The new government accountability website,, has been unveiled to provide citizens with detailed information on decisions, policies, and achievements of the administration, promoting transparency and civic engagement. Irene Piki, the undersecretary to the president, announced this significant step towards open governance, bridging the gap between the government and its people.

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Escalating Dispute Over Construction at Makarios Children’s Hospital

The construction project at Makarios Children’s Hospital has sparked concerns among parents and healthcare workers about potential health risks to immunocompromised patients. The Cyprus Paediatric Society has warned of the high mortality rate associated with nosocomial infections during construction, prompting the need for stringent protective measures to be put in place.

justice accountability

Pursuit of Justice: A Soldier’s Unsolved Murder

Andriana Nicolaou passionately demands a reinvestigation into her son Thanasis Nicolaou’s death, pushing for structural reforms in the justice system for transparency and accountability, with updates reviewed by an independent authority. President Nikos Christodoulides promises full transparency in the case, stressing the need for patience as investigators delve into potential misconduct from 2005 onwards.

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EU Warns Member States on Corporate Tax Compliance

The EU has warned member states, including Cyprus, about their lack of adherence to a 15% tax rate for multinationals and incomplete transposition of the directive on public countrybycountry reporting. Failure to comply may lead to action by the European Court of Justice, with a twomonth ultimatum given to meet EU standards for tax and transparency.

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