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cyprus red cross humanitarian aid

OPAP Cyprus Continues to Back Red Cross Initiatives

The enduring partnership between OPAP Cyprus and the Cyprus Red Cross showcases a strong commitment to humanitarian aid and social welfare, benefiting Cypriot society through crucial programs and collective action. Through their collaboration, they embody hope, solidarity, and the transformative impact of working together for the greater good.

community engagement culinary arts

Easter Celebrations at Lidl Food Academy

The Easter celebrations at Lidl Food Academy were a vibrant blend of culinary delights, creative workshops, and community support initiatives. Seasoned chefs showcased traditional and innovative Easter dishes, while children engaged in Easter decoration workshops led by specialized trainers. The event also highlighted Lidl’s commitment to community causes, supporting the Cyprus AntiCancer Society and Cyprus Red Cross, and extended the festivities virtually through digital channels like social media and websites.

esg corporate governance

Embracing ESG: The Key to Corporate Success in Cyprus

In Cyprus, embracing ESG principles—Environment, Society, and Governance—is the key to corporate success. By prioritizing robust corporate governance, strong social responsibility, and a holistic ESG approach, companies can enhance shareholder performance, improve services and products, and increase investment appeal, ultimately aligning profit with purpose for lasting success in the market.

banking social responsibility

Addressing the ATM Shortage in Cyprus

Cyprus is grappling with an ATM shortage, affecting rural and elderly communities, while banks prioritize digital solutions over traditional services. MPs propose installing ATMs outside police stations for easier access and security, highlighting the need for banks to prioritize social responsibility.

rural communities social responsibility

MPs’ Concerns Over ATM Access and the Impact on Rural Communities

MPs are concerned about the decreasing access to ATMs in rural areas, particularly impacting senior citizens. Banks defend their reduction of ATMs due to high maintenance costs and the shift towards digital banking, sparking a debate between social responsibility and profitability. Balancing the needs of all customers remains the key focus amidst this ongoing dilemma.

sustainability green business

Keve to host seminar on green business transition

Summary: Keve is hosting a seminar titled “Green Business Transition” to help businesses in Cyprus embrace sustainable practices in response to changing European regulations. The event, scheduled for March 28, 2024, aims to educate participants on reducing emissions, sustainable production, and corporate social responsibility to capitalize on ecoconscious market opportunities.

sustainability corporate social responsibility

Lidl Cyprus Hosts a Visionary Event for Sustainability

Lidl Cyprus recently hosted a visionary event in Nicosia to unveil their €30 million sustainability plan, emphasizing their commitment to affordable quality and community support. With a focus on economic growth and environmental responsibility, Lidl Cyprus remains dedicated to creating a sustainable future for the region.

corporate social responsibility public safety

EKO Cyprus to Cooperate with Island’s Fire Service

EKO Cyprus collaborates with the Cyprus Fire Service to boost public safety, providing advanced rescue equipment and specialized training. This partnership aims to enhance emergency response capabilities and promote fire safety awareness through public education campaigns, benefiting communities across Cyprus.

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