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Cyprus Faces Firefighting Challenges as Summer Approaches

Cyprus is facing a critical challenge with firefighting readiness as summer approaches, due to the unavailability of necessary aircraft for fire suppression. Repair delays and incomplete lease arrangements have left the island unprepared for potential forest fires during the upcoming dry and hot months. Despite these obstacles, firefighting services aim to be fully operational by early June.

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Persistent Flooding Plagues Ayios Tychonas Industrial Area

Persistent flooding in the Ayios Tychonas Industrial Area in Limassol has caused significant problems for local businesses, prompting a response from local officials and the energy ministry. Calls for financial aid to repair damages to the coastal promenade have also been made, highlighting the urgent need for a coordinated and permanent solution to address the ongoing issue.

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Enhanced Measures for Firefighting Readiness in 2024

In 2024, the government is taking significant steps to enhance firefighting readiness. They are investing €11.2 million in aerial firefighting capabilities, acquiring two helicopters and four airplanes for fire suppression, strengthening the Forestry department’s resources and planning, promoting forest growth through “Planting for the Climate”, and emphasizing sustainability and education in forest management policies. These measures aim to improve efficiency, protect against wildfires, and ensure the longterm health of forests.

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