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Nearly 100 victims of Metamax pyramid scheme

Nearly 100 victims have fallen prey to the fraudulent promises of the Metamax pyramid scheme, resulting in a collective loss exceeding €200,000. Authorities, including Interpol, are actively investigating the case, with three individuals already arrested in connection to this elaborate scam.

domestic violence police response

Tragic Domestic Incident Shakes Tremithousa

In Tremithousa, Cyprus, a tragic domestic incident unfolded as a man fatally stabbed his wife, leaving the community in shock. Police are conducting a thorough investigation and urging witnesses to come forward, highlighting the urgent need for increased awareness and preventative measures against domestic violence.

violence police response

Paphos Man Sought for Intentionally Driving into Another

In Emba, Paphos, a 59yearold man violently assaulted a 25yearold man near Ayios Charalambos church by striking him, throwing stones, and intentionally driving into his vehicle after a dispute. The victim sustained injuries, prompting a police search and community call for information to assist in the case.

car chase police response

Gunfire in Limassol Car Chase – Two Injured

During a routine police check in Episkopi, Limassol, a rental car with three individuals fled, leading to a highspeed chase. Suspected drugs were discarded from the car, which later crashed, injuring two people. Law enforcement fired warning shots and eventually arrested the suspects after the collision.

crime community unrest

Unrest in Paphos Community Following Theft and Assault (Update 2)

The unrest in the Paphos community was sparked by a theft and assault incident involving a man who broke into a debtor’s residence, assaulting him and his roommates with weapons. Police intervened and arrested seven individuals, aged between 19 and 36, in connection to the disturbance outside Kings Avenue Mall as tensions continued to escalate.

rescue operation police response

Police Rescue Man from Ravine

A 51yearold man was rescued from a 50meterdeep ravine near Alambra in Nicosia after his vehicle overturned, with specialized firefighters and police coordinating a successful operation. The man’s family member reported his disappearance, prompting a swift search and rescue effort that highlighted the importance of timely and skilled emergency response.

police response investigation

Suspicious Device Discovered in Larnaca Vehicle

The discovery of an improvised explosive device in a car during a routine check in Larnaca has shaken the community. The police acted swiftly to secure the area, neutralize the device, and launch investigations to uncover motives and identify the perpetrator, urging residents to stay vigilant in the face of potential threats.

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