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Cyprus Tourist Arrivals Rise in First Quarter — UK Remains Key Market

Cyprus saw a 5.4% increase in tourist arrivals in the first quarter of 2024, with the UK being the key market, accounting for 31.8% of total arrivals in March. This rise reflects Cyprus’s appeal as a Mediterranean destination with diverse attractions for holidaymakers, business travelers, and those visiting family, showing a promising start to the tourism season.

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Famine Expected by May in Gaza, UN-Backed Report Warns

The UNbacked IPC report warns of an impending famine in the north of Gaza Strip, expected to strike by May 2024, affecting around 300,000 people. Urgent international intervention is needed as nearly half of Gaza’s population is facing catastrophic hunger levels, highlighting the dire food security situation in the region.

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Putin’s Spy Chief Scolds Macron for Extremely Dangerous Remark

In response to French President Macron’s suggestion of European troops potentially engaging in Ukraine, Russia’s Intelligence Chief Sergei Naryshkin scolded the remarks as highly irresponsible, calling them extremely dangerous and expressing concern over European leaders’ lack of political responsibility. The tension between Russia and the West is palpable, as Macron’s openness to the idea of European troops in Ukraine raises the stakes in an already heightened situation, with key world powers cautioning against further escalation that could lead to a third world war.

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