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Lidl gives love by supporting the work of the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society

Lidl Cyprus is supporting the Cyprus AntiCancer Society by donating €0.50 to the ‘Arodaphnousa’ Palliative Care Centre for every scan of the Lidl Plus loyalty card from December 11 to December 31, helping cover the operational costs of two rooms for a year. By simply scanning their loyalty card, customers can effortlessly contribute to this cause and join Lidl Cyprus in making a difference this Christmas season.

housefires fire safety

Two Housefires Erupt in Paphos District

Two housefires occurred in the Paphos District, with the first being caused by a faulty electric heater in a guesthouse and the second resulting in a roof collapse in a detached house. Emergency services responded quickly and are investigating the cause of the second fire, while recommending regular checks of electrical appliances and knowledge of fire safety practices.

neighborhood beautification artistic vision

Larnaca Artist Embarks on Neighborhood Beautification

Retired art teacher, Androula Angelidou Antoniadou, has singlehandedly transformed a graffiticovered playground in Larnaca into a vibrant communal space, with support from the local community and council. Her initiative aims to enhance mental wellbeing and community spirit through the power of beauty and creativity, inspiring a call for wider change in revitalizing public areas for the benefit of the community’s mental health and collective morale.

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