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The Tragic Plight of Cyprus’s Feral Cats

The community in Cyprus is rallying together to address the heartbreaking feral cat poisoning crisis, showing compassion for the affected animals and seeking justice for the perpetrators. Through education and advocacy efforts, they aim to prevent future incidents and promote a culture of kindness towards all living beings on the stunning island of Cyprus.

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Larnaca’s Charitable Spirit Shines During Holiday Season

Larnaca’s food bank is preparing support packages for at least 55 families in need during the holiday season, filled with essentials and festive treats. Local schools, businesses, banks, and religious institutions are coming together to contribute, reflecting the community’s philanthropic spirit, with distribution planned for December 22 and December 29 to ensure families can enjoy festive meals.

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Threat Against Charity Director in Cyprus Sparks Police Investigation

A police investigation was launched in Cyprus after Paul Golberg, director of Friendship Circle Cyprus, received a threat consisting of a pig’s head on his door handle and a note demanding that he leave the island within 48 hours. This disturbing act of intimidation emphasizes the importance of community unity in the face of violence and highlights the need for peace and dialogue in the region.

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