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Limassol: Three Days, Seven Walks, One City

Experience the vibrant pulse of Limassol with seven unique walks over a threeday weekend, showcasing the city’s architecture, culture, and nightlife. From historic buildings in the Cine Volos Quarter to the bustling energy of a bar crawl, immerse yourself in the city’s diverse narratives and connect with its rich tapestry of events.

crime community involvement

Swift Action Thwarts Burglary in Nicosia Village

The burglary attempt in Nicosia Village was thwarted by the quick response of the Pera Chorio police, who arrested a suspect armed with burglary tools and drugs thanks to an alert citizen’s call. Community vigilance played a vital role in preventing the crime and assisting ongoing investigations.

animal welfare community involvement

Nicosia Dog Shelter to Expand

The Nicosia municipalities are planning to expand the dog shelter in Paliometocho to improve care for stray dogs. Securing a new plot and upgrading facilities are part of the initiative, showcasing a commitment to animal welfare and a collaborative effort to address the rising stray population in the area.

environmental advocacy protest

Protest Planned in Limassol Over Tree Cutting

The protest in Limassol, organized by Friends of the Earth Cyprus, is in response to the tree cutting in the Dasoudi area. They are demanding transparency from the Forestry Department, sustainable management practices, and immediate restoration work to protect the local ecosystem and wildlife.

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