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Wish You Were Clean Vol V: A Nationwide Initiative for Cleaner Beaches

“Wish You Were Clean” is a nationwide initiative in Cyprus focused on cleaning up beaches like Caretta Beach, Siren’s Beach, Lady’s Mile, and Lara Beach to combat marine pollution. Organized by environmental groups, the campaign invites volunteers to join cleanup events, raising awareness about the importance of protecting natural habitats and preserving the coastline.

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Search Underway for Wanted Individual

A manhunt is underway for Constantin Liviu Mihai, wanted for threats of violence and aggravated assault in Larnaca. The public can assist by contacting the Larnaca CID at 24804060, calling the citizen’s hotline at 1460, or reporting to the nearest police station.

sustainable development unesco biosphere reserve

Cypriot Communities Urged to Engage with UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Initiative

Cypriot communities are encouraged to engage with UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve initiative, offering international recognition, economic development, and a blend of cultural and environmental sustainability. The push for sustainable development in Cyprus, spearheaded by Environment Commissioner Antonia Theodosiou, aims to integrate the DiarizosXeropotamos Valleys into this prestigious program, showcasing the region’s commitment to biodiversity protection and ecological preservation.

road safety impaired driving

Enhancing Road Safety: National Police Initiative

The National Police Initiative’s “awareness week” for road safety aims to reduce impaired driving through increased roadside testing and education. This proactive campaign, in collaboration with the European Roads Policing Network Roadpol, targets behaviors like substance impairment, excessive speeding, and distracted driving to create a safer driving environment and decrease the number of accidents on the roads.

weather heatwave

Sunny and Heating Up

The rising temperatures bring scorching weather to inland areas, with highs of 39C expected on Tuesday. Coastal regions offer slight relief at 3133C, while mountains will see a cooler 30C. Be prepared for potential heatwaves and stay hydrated to beat the heat!

art therapy sculpture

Get your hands dirty and clear your mind

The sculpture workshops at the Cyprus Museum aim to blend art therapy with tactile creation, allowing participants to explore emotions through physical forms. Held in Nicosia as part of an exhibition by Michalis Charalambous, these workshops offer a unique opportunity to engage with love, death, and transformation through mediums like clay and 3D scanning technology, fostering personal growth and social unity.

crime prevention juvenile delinquency

Youthful Offender Linked to Multiple Crimes in Nicosia

Authorities in Nicosia have arrested a 16yearold linked to a series of crimes, including breakins, thefts, carjackings, and vandalism. The youth has confessed to the offenses, sparking a thorough police investigation to uncover the full extent of the criminal activities while the community reinforces security measures and youth engagement strategies.

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Easter Celebrations at Lidl Food Academy

The Easter celebrations at Lidl Food Academy were a vibrant blend of culinary delights, creative workshops, and community support initiatives. Seasoned chefs showcased traditional and innovative Easter dishes, while children engaged in Easter decoration workshops led by specialized trainers. The event also highlighted Lidl’s commitment to community causes, supporting the Cyprus AntiCancer Society and Cyprus Red Cross, and extended the festivities virtually through digital channels like social media and websites.

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Limassol Community Councils Open Nominations

Residents of Limassol can nominate themselves for community council positions by visiting designated centers in their villages from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Various locations like district offices and cultural centers across Limassol district are accepting submissions for the 86 council positions, allowing citizens to actively engage in the democratic process.

sports youth development

Lidl Cyprus Champions the Ayia Napa Youth Soccer Festival

Lidl Cyprus stands as the Platinum Sponsor of the Ayia Napa Youth Soccer Festival, showcasing its dedication to youth development and healthy living. Through initiatives like the Lidl Vantastic Canteen, the company supports young athletes, promotes sportsmanship, and encourages a nutritious lifestyle, aligning with their commitment to fostering essential life skills and community engagement.

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