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The Mealy Bug Menace Threatens Cyprus’ Prickly Pear Population

The Papoutsosyko cacti of Cyprus are facing a dire threat from the invasive mealybug pest, posing a risk to the cultural and economic significance of this beloved species. Efforts are underway to combat the spread of these resilient pests, with a focus on education, adaptive strategies, and community action to safeguard the future of Cyprus’ prickly pear population.

theatre charity

Theatre Festival Arrives in Strovolos

The Strovolos Theatre Festival has arrived, showcasing Greek and Cypriot theatrical productions while supporting charitable causes. With drama, comedy, and family entertainment, the festival celebrates the arts while contributing to social good in the Strovolos Municipality.

community environmental harmony

Kissonerga Coastal Path – A Community Triumph

The Kissonerga coastal path, achieved at a remarkable 7% of the budget, connects the village’s tourist zone to the serene shoreline with points of interest like a playground and “Lock your Love” spot, fostering community spirit and increasing tourism. This frugal triumph integrates cultural heritage, offering an aesthetic and functional pathway that symbolizes the village’s commitment to environmental harmony and connectivity, making it a standout project in the Paphos district.

crime investigation

Police Search for Attackers of Chlorakas Couple

The attack on a Chlorakas couple in Paphos left the community shocked as the husband was assaulted with a metal object by a masked intruder, while the wife was attacked upon returning home, despite no valuables being stolen. The police are investigating the incident, increasing patrols and urging public assistance to ensure the safety of the neighborhood.

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Carnival Season at Ayia Napa Marina

The carnival season at Ayia Napa Marina promises a lively afternoon with live music, Brazilian dancers, and a Zumba Kids Dance Party. Visitors can enjoy face painting, meet Disney characters, and savor a variety of food and drinks from local eateries.

violence law enforcement

High-ranking civil servant arrested after mass brawl in north

A highranking civil servant in Nicosia’s Old Town was arrested after a mass brawl involving individuals armed with golf clubs, suspected to have ties to organized crime. The incident has sparked concerns about safety and governance challenges in the area, as authorities work to address the root causes and prevent future occurrences.

culture community

7,000 Revelers to Attend Paphos Carnival Parade

The Paphos Carnival Parade on March 16 will host 7,000 revelers with over 50 floats, a concert featuring the band ‘Kings’ and singer Panos Kallidis, and a grand entrance by the carnival king at 5 pm, showcasing tradition and cultural heritage on Clean Monday, March 7. The event promises a vibrant display of history and entertainment, uniting locals and tourists in a celebration that highlights the dedication of the community and the city of Paphos in Cyprus.

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The Lingering Legacy of Amiandos Asbestos Mine

The Amiandos Asbestos Mine in Cyprus, once a bustling hub of mining activity, now stands abandoned, leaving behind a polluted landscape and health issues due to asbestos exposure. Despite state remediation efforts, the site serves as a haunting reminder of the consequences of unchecked industrialization on community wellbeing.

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