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The Lingering Legacy of Amiandos Asbestos Mine

The Amiandos Asbestos Mine in Cyprus, once a bustling hub of mining activity, now stands abandoned, leaving behind a polluted landscape and health issues due to asbestos exposure. Despite state remediation efforts, the site serves as a haunting reminder of the consequences of unchecked industrialization on community wellbeing.

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Future of Lemba Art College in Doubt

The Lemba Art College, founded by Cypriot artist Stass Paraskos, faces an uncertain future due to recent government actions. Advocates fear that the college’s vibrant artistic heritage and independence may be at risk, challenging its legacy as a cultural landmark.

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Revamped Boutique Patisserie Returns with New Delights

Boutique Patisserie in Cyprus has reopened with a revamped menu featuring savory treats alongside popular desserts like Pavlova, Banoffee, brownies, and signature cheesecakes, all in a cozy ambiance perfect for any occasion. Located at 43 Kyriakou Matsis Street, Nicosia, this patisserie remains a community landmark offering indulgent delights crafted with care by Mariella Christou.

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Historic Limassol Landmark Engulfed in Flames

In Limassol, Cyprus, a historic building near the Technology University was engulfed in flames, prompting a swift response from firefighters who evacuated four individuals and worked to prevent the blaze from spreading to nearby homes. The community, deeply concerned about the preservation of its cultural heritage, anxiously awaits the outcome of this tragic event.

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House Robbed ‘Under Threat of Scissors’

In a chilling home invasion in Larnaca, four armed men used scissors to coerce the homeowner and helpers, stealing gold and money from a safe at 1 a.m. The shaken community calls for improved security measures and assistance from law enforcement to bring justice and restore a sense of safety.

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Renowned Street Artist to Brighten Up Limassol

Renowned street artist Millo is set to bring his captivating murals to Limassol, enhancing the city’s beauty and supporting its bid for European Capital of Culture 2030. With a focus on intertwining Cyprus’s natural and cultural elements, Millo’s workshops aim to inspire local youth and integrate street art into urban culture, creating a lasting impact on the city’s aesthetic and cultural landscape.

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Ypsonas: The Changing Face of a Cypriot Community

Ypsonas in Cyprus is rapidly transforming from a peaceful suburb to a potential modern district, bringing both opportunities and challenges. With corporate expansion threatening local businesses, rising property prices, and increased traffic congestion, the community faces the task of maintaining its identity amidst rapid growth.

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Social Events in Nicosia: A Cultural Tapestry

From culinary delights at Kafeneio 7 Kleidia to historical neighborhood explorations in Aglantzia, Nicosia is buzzing with vibrant social events this month. Don’t miss the community bike ride organized by OPU Collective on March 9, promoting urban development and sustainability while enjoying the city on two wheels. Join in the cultural tapestry of Nicosia and make unforgettable memories in this dynamic capital city of Cyprus.

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Nicosia’s Transformation: A Vision for the Future

Nicosia envisions a transformation that harmonizes its rich history with modern urbanism, including pedestrianfriendly zones, enhanced public transportation, sustainable urban development, and bridging communities for unity and social cohesion. This capital city, standing at the cusp of change, seeks to stitch together its fragmented urban fabric and become a sustainable, inclusive capital with a vibrant, unified future.

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A Vision for a Reunified Cyprus: President Christodoulides’ Message of Hope

President Nikos Christodoulides envisions a reunified Cyprus in 2024, where peace, security, and prosperity prevail. His message emphasizes unity, economic revival through key sectors like tourism and energy, and a modern state prioritizing the welfare of its people, irrespective of ethnicity. This vision is a commitment to end the longstanding division and create a harmonious future for all Cypriots.

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