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Charting the Course: Artemis Pnevmatikou at TechIsland

Artemis Pnevmatikou, the PR & Communications leader at TechIsland, envisions a future where technology and communication merge to enhance human experiences. Advocating for worklife balance, empowering women in tech, and embracing emerging trends, Artemis charts a course where impactful communication strategies shape a techsavvy world.

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Organised Crime: A Closer Look at Prevention Strategies

Prevent organized crime with increased police presence and adapted tactics, revealed in a memo detailing a 60day operation in Cyprus. Economic measures and communication strategies play a crucial role in governance, highlighted by the Amalthea initiative’s diplomatic impact and the transparency of central bank leadership.

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Purpose Academy Programme Marks Successful First Round

The Purpose Academy programme by Purpose Communications successfully concluded its first round, empowering nonprofit organizations in Cyprus like Birth Forward Cyprus and Agkalia Elpidas with essential PR and communications skills. Through personalized workshops and mentorship, NGOs gained strategies to effectively engage audiences and advance their causes, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards societal impact.

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