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The Economic Contribution of Migrant Workers in Cyprus

Migrant workers in Cyprus play a vital role in the economy, filling essential jobs and contributing through rent, expenditures, and labor. Deportation threats loom over them, despite their significant contributions, sparking a debate on the need for amnesty to sustain a robust workforce and a prosperous society.

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Suspending Asylum Applications: A Legal Act

The suspension of asylum applications from Syrian nationals in Cyprus, termed Plan B, is legally permissible and aims to deter smugglers while aligning with European policies. This unprecedented move signifies a shift in the island’s response to new arrivals, reflecting the complex interplay between national interests and international cooperation on migration issues.

policy leadership

Assessing the Substance Behind Presidential Promises

President Nikos Christodoulides’ proposal for nonbinding referenda raises questions about their actual impact on government decisions, sparking debates over participatory democracy versus symbolic gestures. As public perception shifts towards a desire for genuine leadership and effective policies, the President’s approach to governance faces scrutiny, with challenges such as the Cyprus issue and balancing popular ideas with practical actions shaping his legacy.

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Cyprus’ Struggle for Effective Energy Strategies

Cyprus struggles with a chaotic energy policy marked by failed natural gas integration attempts and economically irrational renewable energy strategies, leading to high carbon emissions fines for the country. The controversial Vasiliko LNG terminal project exemplifies the challenges faced, with soaring costs, lack of competitive bidding, and a strained publicprivate partnership adding to the complexities of Cyprus’ energy landscape.

rural cyprus investment

€12 Million Boost for Rural Cyprus

The €12 million investment in rural Cyprus aims to foster sustainable development and improve economic prospects for rural areas. The funds will be distributed among four district action groups over five years, supporting targeted projects for community development as part of the EU 20232027 Common Agricultural Policy plan.

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