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Delegation to Discuss Missing Persons Issue in European Parliament

A delegation from Cyprus is visiting the European Parliament to discuss the ongoing issue of missing persons in Cyprus and seek support for resolving this humanitarian concern. They will engage in discussions, present the current situation, and aim to foster understanding and concerted action among European legislators. The delegation’s efforts highlight the need for sustained international cooperation to address this longstanding issue and provide closure to the affected individuals and their families.

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Funds to Locate Missing Persons Given a Boost

Cyprus has pledged to increase its funding for the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) from €175,000 to €300,000 annually starting in 2024, reflecting its strong commitment to resolving the cases of 2,002 missing individuals in Cyprus. This funding boost, announced by the Government Spokesman, highlights the government’s determination to support the CMP’s efforts in excavations, exhumations, and identification, and it demonstrates international and local support for resolving the heartrending issue of missing persons.

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