nautical tourism eastern mediterranean marinas network (emmn)

Greece and Cyprus boost nautical tourism

Greece and Cyprus are joining forces to boost nautical tourism in the Eastern Mediterranean through the Eastern Mediterranean Marinas Network (EMMN). The partnership between the marinas of Ayia Napa, Rhodes, Symi, and Kos aims to enhance the boating experience, promote sustainable practices, and share maritime heritage.

supervision legal integrity

Bar Association Affirms Authority Over Lawyer Supervision

The Cyprus Bar Association has affirmed its authority over lawyer supervision, working closely with the executive branch to address legal challenges and uphold justice in Cypriot society. The Association is conducting ongoing investigations and collaborating with the government to find solutions to infrastructure concerns and improve the efficiency of the legal system.

youth entrepreneurship collaboration

New partnership aims to boost youth entrepreneurship in Cyprus

ARIS and Frederick University in Cyprus have partnered to boost youth entrepreneurship by promoting innovation, knowledge exchange, and collaboration between academia and industry. The collaboration will include joint workshops, EUfunded projects, and networking opportunities to enrich Cyprus’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

art culture

Collaboration Between Chambis Tsaggari and Zivana LOEL

The collaboration between Zivana LOEL and Chambis Tsaggari has resulted in the creation of a new collection of collectible bottles. These bottles serve as both vessels for the beloved Cypriot spirit, Zivana LOEL, and as standalone pieces of art, featuring unique engravings by Chambis Tsaggari that celebrate Cypriot culture and traditions. The limited edition series, with only 4000 bottles released for each design, will be available in all supermarkets and liquor stores starting October.

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