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Exploring the Natural Wonders of Akamas National Park

Akamas National Park in Cyprus is a natural sanctuary known for its biodiversity, including 168 bird species, 20 reptiles, and 16 butterflies. It contains 39 of Cyprus’s 128 endemic plant species. Historically, it’s tied to Greek mythology and was used for British military exercises until 2000. The park’s stunning geology features diverse rocks and striking formations like the Avakas Gorge.

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Environmental organisations call on government to ‘rise to occasion’ on Akamas

Environmental organisations in Cyprus are calling on the government to take immediate action to halt harmful construction activities in the Akamas region, implement restoration efforts, reassess environmental impact assessments, and develop Akamas into a national park that prioritizes sustainable tourism and the protection of local biodiversity. The recent findings of an investigation into construction works in the region have raised concerns and sparked calls for a thorough reassessment to safeguard this valuable natural asset. The government’s next steps will be closely watched by the public, environmentalists, and international observers, as they determine whether Akamas will be preserved as a jewel of biodiversity or if the balance between progress and preservation will continue to be a tugofwar.

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Combating Plastic Pollution in Cyprus

Plastic pollution is threatening the beaches of Cyprus, with up to 4000 microplastic particles per square meter found on certain beaches. The AKTI Project and Research Centre is conducting a pioneering study on microplastic pollution, aiming to raise awareness and inspire action to combat this pressing environmental issue.

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