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advocacy patient rights

Advocating for Patient Rights in Cyprus

OSAK advocates for comprehensive patient rights in Cyprus, emphasizing the need for information, participation in healthcare decisions, and access to quality services. Their commitment on European Patients’ Rights Day highlights the ongoing struggle for these fundamental rights, with the hope of shaping a healthcare system that truly serves its patients.

advocacy seafarers' rights

Urgent Plea for the Release of Detained Seafarers

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber, along with the international maritime community, urgently pleads for the release of twentyfive detained seafarers from the “MSC Aries” vessel, emphasizing the importance of their safety and freedom of navigation in international waters. This incident highlights the vulnerability of seafarers to geopolitical tensions and underscores the crucial role they play in maintaining global trade and economic stability.

union emergency responders

Isotita Union Welcomes Rescue Workers

The inauguration of Isotita Union’s new branch for rescue workers marks a pivotal moment in advocating for their rights and elevating emergency services standards across Cyprus. Led by Panayiotis Philippou, the union aims to secure fair employment terms and foster international collaborations to empower and support these essential safety professionals.

human rights cyprus division

Cyprus Division Continues to Affect Human Rights, UN Reports

The UN report highlights the ongoing division in Cyprus as a major obstacle to human rights, impacting various communities and rights. Advocacy efforts and a human rightsbased approach are essential to address discrimination and promote social cohesion in the reunification process, especially amidst the challenges posed by the COVID19 pandemic.

advocacy ceasefire

Akel Advocates for Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

Akel is pushing for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, demanding Israel to end hostilities and provide humanitarian access, showcasing solidarity with the Palestinian people. The party emphasizes the urgency of peace and calls for the creation of a Palestinian state to address the ongoing crisis.

youth climate advocacy

Youth and Climate Advocacy: Opportunities and Action!

Young Cypriots face societal and political barriers in climate advocacy, but opportunities abound for engagement. Organizations like the Cyprus Youth Council and Friends of the Earth Cyprus offer platforms for youth expression and involvement in environmental campaigns, while Europeanfunded projects provide educational programs to empower young activists in creating a sustainable future.

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