civilian casualties

gaza conflict civilian casualties

US Criticizes Israel on Gaza Civilian Toll as UN to Hear Ceasefire Demand

The US has criticized Israel for the significant civilian casualties in Gaza, highlighting the need for stronger civilian protection measures. Despite Israel’s defense strategy to neutralize Hamas, the US, represented by Antony Blinken, emphasizes the urgency to reconcile military actions with the safeguarding of civilian lives, amid growing humanitarian concerns. The surge in violence has prompted action beyond bilateral talks, with the United Arab Emirates requesting a U.N. Security Council vote on a draft resolution for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

israeli-palestinian conflict civilian casualties

Escalation in Gaza: Civilian Casualties Soar Amidst Hospital Attacks

The international community, including the United States and French President Emmanuel Macron, is expressing concern over the increase in civilian deaths in Gaza. They are urging Israel to exercise caution and stop bombings to protect noncombatants, despite Israel’s justification of targeting Hamas and their use of civilian infrastructure for military purposes.

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