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Agreement on New Promotion Scheme for Civil Servants

The civil service promotion scheme has undergone a significant overhaul, shifting towards a meritbased evaluation system that prioritizes skills and qualifications over tenure. Performance evaluations, supervisors’ recommendations, and additional experience and qualifications will play key roles in determining promotions from 2023 onwards, aiming to create a more efficient and effective civil service.

eu court ruling isotita

After EU Court Ruling, Isotita Calls for Civil Service Changes

The recent CJEU ruling condemns the abuse of extending fixedterm contracts indefinitely, prompting Isotita to demand government action for civil servants in temporary roles to secure permanent positions and promote employment equality. Isotita’s call for immediate compliance with the CJEU judgment aims to rectify the unfair treatment of temporary workers, aligning with the EU’s stance against fixedterm contract misuse and advocating for stable employment conditions in the public sector.

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State Budget Accommodates Surging Civil Service Positions

The state budget for 2024 has allocated a significant increase in civil service positions, with 732 new permanent posts, predominantly in education, to meet growing demands and prevent staff shortages. This includes 604 new roles in the Ministry of Education across various levels, and additional positions in administrative functions, all while balancing fiscal responsibility and investing in social programs.

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