civil servant compensation

healthcare strike

Minster Calls on Striking Doctors to Consider Consequences

Minister Michalis Damianos urges doctors to consider the consequences of their strike, emphasizing the impact on healthcare services and community wellbeing. He calls for collaboration to prevent the strike and ensure continuous medical care for the public, amidst escalating tensions in the healthcare sector.

property disputes compensation

New Round of Compensation from the North’s Property Commission

Northern Cyprus has secured £68 million (€79 million) to address Greek Cypriot property claims through the Immovable Property Commission (IPC), resolving about 200 claims by the end of 2020. The IPC, recognized by the European Court of Human Rights, is playing a pivotal role in settling disputes stemming from the division of Cyprus.

agriculture compensation

Opposition Blasts Agriculture Minister Over Farmers’ Compensation

The Agriculture Minister Maria Panayiotou is embroiled in controversy as opposition members criticize her refusal to compensate farmers using nonstandard compost, despite the ministry approving the seller. The clash highlights the need for clearer regulations and fair treatment of local agriculturists in navigating legal boundaries and supporting their livelihoods.

firefighters occupational hazards

Firefighters Demand Extra Pay for Dangers of Job

Firefighters, represented by the association Sypyk, demand extra pay to recognize the dangers they face daily, including extreme heat, toxic smoke, and lifethreatening situations. This plea seeks fairness and support for the occupational risks that can lead to increased rates of cancer, heart disease, and lung conditions.

prosecutor safety compensation

Enhancing Prosecutor Safety and Compensation

Attorney General George Savvides is pushing for increased police action to safeguard public prosecutors from threats like car bombings, highlighting their vulnerability and the urgent need for protection measures. Alongside security concerns, Savvides has supported financial recognition for prosecutors, advocating for pay rises to reflect their crucial role in the justice system and ensure fair compensation for their service to the community.

civil servant compensation pay-related disputes

Navigating the Challenges of Civil Servant Compensation

The current issue in civil servant compensation negotiations in Cyprus revolves around the recognition of prior service for lowwage civil servants. Unions are demanding a pay increase for these employees based on their experience, and the resolution of this dispute is crucial to preventing potential industrial unrest and finding a balance between union satisfaction and government fiscal responsibilities.

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