citizenship reform

migration economic growth

A Call for Migration Reform by Deputy Minister

Deputy Minister Ioannides is pushing for significant migration policy reforms to boost economic growth by addressing issues like ‘ghettoisation’ and violence. These reforms aim to balance border security with the economic contributions migrants can bring, with strategies in place for repatriation and correcting public misconceptions about migrant benefits.

healthcare diagnostics

Healthcare Standoff: Diagnostic Centres Brace for Impact

In a heated standoff between the diagnostics association and the Health Insurance Organisation, diagnostic centres face potential closure due to a reform set for 2025. The association vows legal action to protect essential services, emphasizing the urgent need for transparent dialogue to preserve healthcare standards.

local government reform

Local Government Reforms Underway in Cyprus

Cyprus embarks on significant local government reforms to enhance efficiency and responsiveness. President Christodoulides pledges unwavering support for the transition to new leadership roles like district governors and deputy mayors, creating a more streamlined and autonomous local governance system.

tendering reform

Time for Change – Radical Change – in Awarding Tenders

The tendering system for major public projects in Cyprus is riddled with serious flaws and inefficiencies, leading to costly disputes and allegations of irregularities. Urgent reform is needed to ensure transparency, fair competition, and accountability in the process, as highlighted by experts like Dr. Charles Ellinas.

local governance reform

A New Dawn for Local Governance in Cyprus

The local government elections in Cyprus are more than just a routine event; they represent a pivotal moment in reshaping governance and services. President Christodoulides sees this as an opportunity for citizens to actively shape their future, fostering unity and hope for reunification amidst the Cyprus problem. These elections hold the key to enhancing democratic participation and promoting communityfocused governance in Cyprus.

elections governance

Understanding the Complexity of Cyprus’ Local Elections

The local elections in Cyprus this year are a web of complexity, with a staggering 3,232 candidates vying for various public offices, including councilors, deputy mayors, and district governors. The restructuring of municipalities and the ambiguous roles of newly elected officials add layers of intricacy, promising a postelection period of challenges and adjustments for the electorate and governing bodies.

eu reform

Addressing the Inertia: Navigating the EU’s Reform Challenges

Andreas Charalambous and Omiros Pissarides delve into the intricate challenges facing the EU’s economic reform, from slow growth to labor market rigidity and energy dependence on nonEU sources. Cyprus’s economic landscape reveals stability in the short term but longterm concerns, emphasizing the need for urgent reforms and increased investments to align with EU directives.

politics leadership

Nicosia Mayor Takes on ‘Huge Challenge’ in Elections

Mayor Constantinos Yiorkadjis is stepping into a new role to lead the local government in Nicosia, Cyprus, as part of a broader reform effort. With a decade of experience as mayor, Yiorkadjis sees this as a ‘huge challenge’ and an opportunity to bring contemporary standards to administrative processes in the district.

education reform

A New Chapter for Education: Michaelidou’s Vision for the Next School Year

Athena Michaelidou is leading a comprehensive educational reform for the next school year, focusing on creating a modern, inclusive system that develops diverse citizens with democratic values. Key strategies include overhauling secondary education assessment, implementing allday schools, enhancing vocational training, investing in technology, internationalizing higher education, and strengthening early childhood education and international collaboration.

government parliament

‘No respect’: MPs irked with local gov reform bills

MPs in Cyprus are frustrated with the timing and content of local government reform bills, believing it shows a lack of respect for parliamentary processes. Lastminute submissions and changes raise concerns about the sustainability of municipalities, highlighting the challenge of balancing governance efficiency and fiscal responsibility.

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