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maritime cyprus

Limassol Shipping Forum to Highlight Cyprus as Maritime and Business Hub

The Capital Link Cyprus Shipping Forum in Limassol will spotlight Cyprus as a key maritime and business center, bringing together global stakeholders to discuss industry advancements and investment prospects. This prestigious event, supported by the Deputy Ministry of Shipping and Maritime Cyprus, promises networking opportunities and insights into the future of the maritime sector.

rural cyprus investment

€12 Million Boost for Rural Cyprus

The €12 million investment in rural Cyprus aims to foster sustainable development and improve economic prospects for rural areas. The funds will be distributed among four district action groups over five years, supporting targeted projects for community development as part of the EU 20232027 Common Agricultural Policy plan.

legal complexities citizenship by investment

Delay in High-Profile Golden Passports Case

The Cyprus Golden Passports case trial was postponed due to the unexpected absence of a judge, causing a delay in the proceedings. This highprofile case, centered around the legality of certain naturalizations, had a pivotal day in the courtroom postponed.

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