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Church Expected to File Report on Scandal Involving Monks

The church is expected to file a report on a scandal involving monks accused of sexual misconduct and money laundering at the Osiou Avakoum monastery. Legal proceedings will follow, with indictments being issued, defense arguments heard, and a verdict expected in the ecclesiastical court, alongside separate criminal proceedings for money laundering charges involving other monks.

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Archbishop Georgios Addresses Monastery Misconduct

Archbishop Georgios addresses allegations of misconduct at the Osiou Avakoum monastery in Cyprus, including physical abuse and financial improprieties. He has issued an apology and pledged a thorough investigation to address the scandal and restore trust in the Church of Cyprus.

church scandal

Holy Synod Court Proceedings Begin Amidst Scandal

The Holy Synod court proceedings have commenced, addressing allegations against two monks from the Osios Avakum monastery involving sexual misconduct and financial impropriety. This scandal has sparked concerns about transparency and accountability within the church, as highranking ecclesiastical figures convene to deliberate away from the public eye.

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Church and State have different roles in monastery scandal, Christodoulides says

The Osios Avakoum monastery scandal underscores the importance of the separation of church and state roles, as President Christodoulides stresses impartial investigation and accountability. The incident involving financial irregularities and public figures like Elam head Christos Christou and former police chief Kypros Michaelides highlights the need for transparency and adherence to legal processes.

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