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New Shopping Opportunities in Kyrenia with Terranova and Calliope

Terranova and Calliope have recently opened new stores in Kyrenia, expanding the shopping options in the area. Located next to international coffee chain Caffe Pascucci, these stores offer the perfect blend of shopping and leisure for both locals and visitors. With a variety of fashion and dining options, this part of town is quickly becoming a favorite destination for those looking to indulge.

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Discover Limassol’s Anexartisias Street: The Christmas Shopping Haven

Discover the magical Anexartisias Street in Limassol, the ultimate Christmas shopping destination with 115 shops offering brand clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty items. Enjoy the festive atmosphere and lively Christmas events at Gregori Afxentiou Square, including music and dance performances. With extended shopping hours, you’ll have plenty of time to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

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Discovering the Latest Designer Megastore in Kyrenia

Discover the latest designer megastore in Kyrenia! With an extensive collection of designer overcoats and jackets, professional shop assistants proficient in 23 languages, and catwalk shows featuring famous brand names, this store offers a luxurious shopping experience. Plus, don’t miss out on the outdoor cafeteria for refreshments. Plan your visit today!

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Stylish Christmas Gifts at Akay Optik

Get ready for the holiday season with stylish gifts from Akay Optik! 🎄🎁 From trendy frames to personalized service from qualified opticians, this familyowned company offers an impressive selection of highquality eyewear from top international brands. Check out their online shop and Christmas offers, or visit their store in Nicosia for more information. akayoptik christmasgifts eyewear trendyframes

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City Mall in Famagusta: Your One-Stop Destination for Christmas Shopping

Looking for the perfect destination for your Christmas shopping? Look no further than City Mall in Famagusta! With a festive atmosphere, a variety of shops, and entertainment options, this shopping center has everything you need. From the Index Store for furniture and home goods to Mert Optik for trendy eyewear and Toyzz Shop for children’s toys, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy dining at the food court and The Republic restaurant, relax at Mardo Café, and entertain the family with City Mall’s cinema, games room, and mini golf. Plan your visit today!

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