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Cyprus’ Active Role in International Energy Dialogue

Cyprus Energy Minister George Papanastasiou’s visit to Abu Dhabi for the IRENA assembly and World Future Energy Summit emphasizes Cyprus’s dedication to renewable energy and sustainable practices for a netzero future. Through strategic dialogues and meetings with key industry leaders, Cyprus is showcasing its active role in the global energy transition and its commitment to international sustainability efforts.

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Greece Warns Cyprus Against Missing Interconnector Deadlines

Greece has warned Cyprus about the crucial importance of meeting deadlines for the Great Sea Interconnector project, connecting Israel, Cyprus, and Greece. Failing to meet these deadlines could result in Cyprus losing financial support from the European Commission and jeopardize the region’s energy integration efforts.

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Progress on the Great Sea Interconnector

The Great Sea Interconnector project, aimed at unifying the electricity networks of Cyprus, Greece, and Israel, has received significant EU funding of €657 million to enhance energy security and create a greener infrastructure. Toplevel officials from Greece’s Admie are engaging in pivotal discussions in Cyprus to address the project’s progress and regulatory decisions, marking a groundbreaking initiative in the evolving energy landscape of the region.

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Progress Achieved in Aphrodite Gas Field Development

The Aphrodite gas field development in Cyprus has made significant progress, aligning with its 2019 agreement and enhancing the country’s role in Mediterranean energy. Strategic partnerships with Chevron and potential resolutions to regional disputes underscore Cyprus’s commitment to energy development and cooperation in the region.

energy collaboration

Energy Minister in Israel to Discuss Interconnector

Energy Minister George Papanastasiou’s visit to Israel aims to discuss the planned electrical interconnector connecting Cyprus, Israel, and Greece, enhancing energy security and exploring hydrocarbon resources in the Eastern Mediterranean. With Cyprus authorizing a €100 million investment and EU financial support, the project is set to strengthen energy cooperation in the region and promote sustainable exploitation of resources.

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Analyzing the Cost-Benefit of the Great Sea Interconnector

The Great Sea Interconnector project, costing €1.9 billion, aims to link Cyprus, Greece, and Israel through a subsea power cable. Cyprus is awaiting Admie’s costbenefit analysis to determine its €100 million investment, balancing financial risks against potential energy cost reductions and strategic benefits.

lng terminal developments china-cyprus energy cooperation

Ambassador Optimistic Over LNG Terminal Progress

The LNG terminal in Cyprus is on track to be operational by the end of the year, with construction progress at the Vasiliko site involving China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co Ltd. The project aims to diversify Cyprus’s energy sources and enhance energy security, marking a significant milestone in the close energy cooperation between China and Cyprus.

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