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Limassol Municipality’s Gesture of Kindness: The Christmas Love Packages Initiative

The Limassol municipality’s Christmas Love Packages initiative is an annual tradition that distributes packages with food, essentials, and festive treats to help individuals and families in need during the holiday season. It embodies the community’s spirit of giving and compassion, with local organizations, schools, businesses, and social groups encouraged to contribute and ensure that the warmth of the holiday spirit is felt by everyone.

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Christmas Card-Making for a Cause

Spread cheer this Christmas season by joining the third annual cardmaking session for Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips) on September 23 at Blue Song restaurant and bar in Lapta. With all materials and guidance provided, participants can unleash their creativity and make festive cards while enjoying a delicious lunch and supporting a meaningful cause. Don’t miss this opportunity to come together, have fun, and make a difference email or call 0548 870 2281 to register your interest.

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