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Minister, Church Sign MoU on Antisemitism

In a landmark move, Education Minister Athena Michaelidou has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with various religious organizations to combat antisemitism and honor Holocaust memory. The agreement includes educational initiatives like annual competitions and exhibitions, emphasizing the importance of historical preservation and interfaith dialogue to foster empathy and coexistence.

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Educational Tensions Rise in Rizokarpaso

Educational tensions in Rizokarpaso, Cyprus have surged due to unannounced school inspections by Turkish Cypriot officials, sparking concerns and disrupting the learning environment. Cyprus’s Education Minister has raised the issue in the European Parliament, highlighting the urgency and gravity of the situation and emphasizing the need for diplomatic efforts to address the broader implications on the island’s peace and stability.

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Book Removal Sparks LGBTQ+ Rights Debate

The removal of a children’s book featuring samesex parents from a Cypriot nursery school library has sparked a heated debate on LGBTQ+ rights in education. LGBTQ+ advocacy groups are demanding action against discrimination, while the education ministry is emphasizing its commitment to inclusive practices and fostering tolerance.

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Expanding Early Childhood Education: Private Preschools Demand Fair Treatment

Private preschool owners demand financial support and inclusive legislation from the state to ensure the survival and quality of their institutions amidst the compulsory early education expansion. Despite fears of devaluation and nationalization of the sector, owners stand united in advocating for fair treatment to preserve educational diversity and parental choice in the early childhood education landscape.

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Embracing the Future of Education: The All-Day School Model

Education Minister Athena Michaelidou promotes the benefits of the allday school model in Nicosia, emphasizing extended hours, collaborative learning, STEAM education, and cultural heritage integration to prepare students for the complexities of the modern world. With 228 primary schools and five secondary institutions already implementing allday programs, Cyprus is shaping a futureoriented education system that nurtures critical thinking, creativity, and cultural appreciation.

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Civic Participation Shapes Tomorrow

The EMERGE project in Cyprus, supported by the EEA and Norway Grants, is empowering citizens through education and dialogue to enhance civic participation. The upcoming conference “Shaping Tomorrow: Enhancing Civic Participation in Cyprus” will bring together experts to discuss participatory policymaking and the impact of media on society.

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