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What’s on this weekend

This carnival weekend promises a vibrant spectacle across the island, from Limassol’s Grand Carnival Parade with over 100 teams to Paphos and Paralimni’s colorful celebrations. Cultural events like the live opera broadcast at Rialto Theatre and the Eleftheria 2024 concert in Nicosia offer enriching experiences for all ages.

limassol carnival

Limassol Carnival Tradition Gets an AI Makeover

The Limassol Carnival, a traditional celebration in Cyprus, is embracing innovation through a partnership with Blackbook agency to incorporate AI technology. This year’s carnival features the first AIdesigned poster, symbolizing a blend of traditional festivities with contemporary digital art aimed at attracting a global audience and redefining cultural marketing.

events women's day

What’s on this weekend

Nicosia is the place to be this weekend with a lineup of events including the 10th International ConFest Graphic Stories, Women’s Day Festive Weekend market, ‘La Patronne’ theatre show, Nicosia Carnival Party, and Aglantzia Carnival Parade. From creative storytelling to vibrant celebrations, each event promises a weekend filled with culture, creativity, and community spirit.

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