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Unprecedented Number of Candidates for Cyprus’s June Elections

The upcoming elections in Cyprus will witness an extraordinary 7,280 candidates contesting for 3,227 public offices, including roles such as MEPs, mayors, councilors, and community leaders. With a record number of candidates vying for these positions, the electoral race is gearing up to be fiercely competitive, promising a significant impact on the political landscape of the island.

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Larnaca’s Path to Progress: Upcoming Local Elections

In Larnaca’s upcoming local elections, voters will determine the district governors, mayors, and officials, influencing economic, housing, and social issues, as well as plans for a university and EUfunded projects. The race is heating up as prominent figures like Angelos Hadjicharalambous and Evangelos Evangelides vie for leadership positions, setting the stage for a critical moment in Larnaca’s history.

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Local Elections: Ex-Shipping Minister Stands for Limassol District Governor

Former Shipping Deputy Minister, Vasilis Demetriades, leads the race for Limassol District Governor with a vision of a “humancentred authority” focused on accessible, fair, and transparent governance. His rivals, including Yiannis Tsouloftas and Nicos Nicolaides, promise change, progress, and efficiency, setting the stage for a diverse and dynamic political contest in Limassol.

elections candidates

Famagusta District Gears Up for Local Elections

The Famagusta district braces for local elections on June 9, with incumbent mayor Simos Ioannou and challenger Andreas Vrahimis leading the charge on crucial issues like Varosha’s future and community unification. These elections could reshape Famagusta’s destiny and impact the broader Cyprus problem, making them a pivotal moment for the region.

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