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forest fires environmental impact

Fire in Limassol Forest

The response to the fire in Limassol Forest involved deploying 10 fire trucks and 60 forest department officers, with a firefighting aircraft assisting containment efforts. Prompt action prevented the fire from consuming more than 1.5 donums of land, showcasing the effectiveness of swift and coordinated firefighting measures.

healthcare chronic kidney disease

Escalating Dialysis Demand in Cyprus Puts Pressure on Healthcare System

The escalating demand for dialysis in Cyprus, driven by a sharp rise in kidneyrelated health issues, is putting significant pressure on the healthcare system. With chronic kidney disease affecting a growing number of individuals, improved management and prevention strategies are urgently needed to address the surging numbers and strain on healthcare infrastructure.

breast cancer awareness

Joining forces in the fight against breast cancer

Efforts to combat breast cancer in Europe include increasing awareness and prevention through national screening programs and partnerships like Bean Bar’s fundraising campaign with Europa Donna Cyprus. Europa Donna Cyprus advocates for patient rights, raises public awareness, and supports those affected by breast cancer, showcasing the pivotal role of civil society in the fight against this prevalent disease.

health vaccination

Raising Awareness and Combating HPV

HPV vaccination is crucial in preventing diseases and cancers caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), recommended for children aged 1113 to intercept the virus early and reduce the risk of cervical and other HPVrelated cancers. Health Minister Michael Damianos advocates for increased awareness and vaccination to combat HPVrelated diseases, offering free vaccinations to children and emphasizing the importance of early prevention and detection.

fire safety economic impact

Economic Impact of Fires in the Recent Year

The economic impact of fires in the recent year amounted to €9.5 million, with urban fires costing €8.4 million. Human activities were responsible for 90% of all fires, emphasizing the urgent need for enhanced fire safety education and prevention measures.

cancer prevention government initiatives

Cyprus Targets Cancer Prevention

Cyprus is taking proactive measures to combat the rising trend of cancer through comprehensive action plans focused on prevention and education. Initiatives include developing health policies, implementing populationbased screening programs, and investing in accessible healthcare infrastructure for cancer screenings.

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