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Government Reversal Advances National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute in Cyprus is a significant development in the country’s healthcare system, with a €1.2 million budget allocation. It aims to improve cancer patient care, accelerate research, streamline oncology services, ensure highquality protocols, and collaborate with European entities for advanced treatments, signaling a commitment to enhancing cancer care in Cyprus.

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Unwavering Support for the Establishment of a National Cancer Institute in Cyprus

The Cyprus Oncology Society (Oek) and the cancer committee of the Cyprus patient associations’ federation (Osak) are united in their support for the establishment of a National Cancer Institute in Cyprus. This institute aims to enhance cancer care by improving prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and palliative care, as well as advancing research and education in oncology. Through collaboration and support from various stakeholders, the institute seeks to create a community that provides excellent care and support for patients, families, professionals, and researchers.

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