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Nicosia in Transformation: Candidates Step Up for Major Municipal Makeover

Charalambos Prountzos aims to transform Nicosia by focusing on innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity, envisioning a city that celebrates its cultural history and promotes green initiatives. With the upcoming local government elections in Nicosia, residents have the opportunity to shape the future of their city and embrace a new, revitalized Nicosia under Prountzos’ visionary leadership.

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Change Management in Business Transformation

Successful change management in business transformation requires balancing future preparation with ongoing operations, providing clear leadership vision, empowering middle management, and recognizing transformation as a continuous journey for consistent reevaluation. Andreas Papadopoulos highlights the challenges of transformation, emphasizing the need for proactive leadership that empowers middle management and views business transformation as an ongoing process rather than a onetime goal.

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