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Paphos Duo Detained for Multiple Burglary Offenses

Two individuals in Paphos, a 38yearold man and a 28yearold woman, were arrested for multiple burglaries. Authorities recovered stolen jewelry, electronics, and 62 keys from their shared residence, linking them to past crimes. Police urge the public to aid the ongoing investigation and enhance home security measures to prevent further incidents.

crime burglary

Paphos Police Apprehend Trio Linked to Burglaries

The Paphos Police recently apprehended a 39yearold man connected to multiple burglaries, leading to the detention of two others for possessing stolen goods. Investigations are ongoing, with recovered items from the suspect’s residence aiding in the connection to the crimes.

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Arrests for Theft in Limassol and Burglary in Nicosia

Two individuals have been arrested in Cyprus for theft and burglary. A 22yearold was apprehended at Larnaca Airport for stealing a mobile phone in Limassol, while a separate arrest took place in Nicosia and involved a 26yearold who confessed to multiple burglary and theft cases. These arrests showcase the efficiency of coordinated police efforts in Cyprus.

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Paphos Welfare Offices Burglary Incident

The Paphos welfare offices in the quiet city of Paphos were burglarized, resulting in approximately €1,400 in damages. Police are investigating the breakin, seeking community assistance to apprehend the suspects, and ensuring public and employee safety. No items have been reported missing at this time.

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Three Arrests in Cyprus Linked to Burglary and Theft

The Cyprus police have made three arrests in Limassol and Famagusta for burglary and theft, recovering stolen property and securing suspects. In Limassol, two were arrested for a café burglary, and in Famagusta, another was apprehended for car theft and illegal firearm possession. Investigations continue in both cases.

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Comprehensive Analysis of Recent Police Arrests for Burglaries and Thefts

Cypriot police have recently made significant arrests in response to property crimes such as burglaries, thefts, and possession of stolen goods in Paphos, Limassol, and Nicosia provinces. The investigations into each case are ongoing as the local authorities diligently examine evidence and pursue judicial processes to bring the perpetrators to justice, demonstrating their commitment to restoring security and order in the affected areas.

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Police Looking for Chlorakas Burglars

Police are searching for the burglars who broke into a holiday villa in Chlorakas between September 8 and October 19, stealing items worth €850. Two suspects have been identified from Paphos and arrest warrants have been issued, leaving the community feeling shaken and authorities urging vigilance.

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