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Empowering Children and Parents Against Bullying

Cyprus is exploring the launch of an online platform inspired by Greece to combat bullying, providing a safe space for children and parents to report incidents and track progress. The initiative aims to empower victims and foster a supportive environment by simplifying the reporting process and offering educational resources for those affected.

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March 6: The International Day Against Bullying

The International Day Against Bullying on March 6 sheds light on the pervasive issue of bullying, with organizations like Hope for Children CRC Policy Center in Cyprus leading efforts to combat this harmful behavior. Bullying takes various forms, including physical, verbal, emotional, and cyberbullying, each with devastating effects on victims’ mental health and wellbeing. Hope for Children’s proactive initiatives aim to empower students and create inclusive school communities to prevent bullying and support those affected.

bullying legislation reform

Urgent Call for School Bullying Legislation Reform in Cyprus

The rise in school bullying in Cyprus necessitates urgent legislative reforms to strengthen prevention and intervention. Current laws must be updated to reflect the evolving educational landscape, introduce better support systems for atrisk children, and promote therapeutic school environments. Additionally, peer support and empowerment of victims are critical for creating safer educational settings and addressing gangrelated behavior.

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A Slap, Slander, and a High-Ranking Civil Servant Drama

A highranking civil servant at the state broadcaster has been accused of slapping and verbally abusing a male subordinate, sparking a public debate on workplace intimidation and accountability in public service. The incident gained attention after the state broadcaster’s chat show highlighted the allegation, leading to calls for transparency and investigations into the matter.

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Our View: Addressing the Issue of School Violence is a Must

The government of Cyprus has approved a set of measures to address the high rates of school violence in the country. These measures include initiatives to fight racism, violence prevention courses, and alternative programs for children with disruptive behavior. Plans to set up special schools for delinquents and provide teacher training courses for handling violent situations are also being considered. The lack of training and changing societal conditions are seen as contributing factors to the increase in school violence.

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