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Comprehensive Report on Roadpol’s Truck and Bus Safety Campaign

A recent comprehensive report on Roadpol’s Truck and Bus Safety Campaign unveiled alarming violations in Cyprus. Out of 688 trucks inspected, 852 infractions were identified, including tachograph issues (243) and speeding (44). Meanwhile, 154 bus inspections revealed 39 reports, mainly focused on document irregularities (35), underscoring the need for continued road safety measures.

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Ceiling Collapse Incident at Famagusta School Raises Concerns

The ceiling collapse incident at Canakkale middle school in Famagusta, Cyprus, occurred due to structural safety issues during school holidays, sparking concerns about the integrity of school buildings in the region. Inspections have revealed widespread safety problems in many schools, leading to calls for transparency in fund allocation for disaster protection to ensure the safety of students and faculty.

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Etek calls for urgent building safety measures

The recent incident of a balcony collapse in Limassol has raised serious concerns about building safety in Cyprus. Etek, the Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus, is urgently calling for the implementation of a regular inspection framework to identify structural issues and prevent accidents. Building owners are urged to conduct thorough inspections with qualified professionals to maintain the integrity and safety of their properties.

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