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New Legislation Transforms Notary Services in Cyprus

The new legislation in Cyprus is overhauling notary services by shifting signatures to citizen service centers and introducing a standardized fee structure ranging from €5 to €40 based on document length. These changes aim to enhance efficiency, reduce fraud, and modernize services for citizens seeking document certification.

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Expanding Early Childhood Education: Private Preschools Demand Fair Treatment

Private preschool owners demand financial support and inclusive legislation from the state to ensure the survival and quality of their institutions amidst the compulsory early education expansion. Despite fears of devaluation and nationalization of the sector, owners stand united in advocating for fair treatment to preserve educational diversity and parental choice in the early childhood education landscape.

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Reducing Speed Limits for Safer Urban Travel

Reducing speed limits in urban areas to 30km/h can significantly decrease traffic accidents by up to 20% with just a 10% reduction in speed. This initiative, spearheaded by the road safety council and supported by the department of public works, aims to enhance safety, promote ecofriendly transportation, and align with European trends towards a better urban quality of life.

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Cyprus Football’s Safety Dilemma

The safety dilemma in Cyprus football involves challenges with fan violence and inadequate security measures, prompting the need for enhanced technology, legislative reforms, and intensive steward training. Cooperation among police, clubs, and stewards is crucial to ensure public safety and prevent further violent incidents.

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Urgent Call for Building Inspection Legislation in Cyprus

Civil engineers in Cyprus are urgently advocating for new legislation that would require regular building inspections to ensure structural integrity. This call comes in response to a recent balcony collapse in Limassol, highlighting the need for routine assessments and a culture of safety to prevent future incidents and protect residents.

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