building inspection legislation

adoption legislation

Transforming Adoption: A Look into New Legislative Proposals

The new adoption bill proposes groundbreaking changes to the adoption process, including inclusivity for single parents and stringent regulations to maintain the integrity of adoptions. With an emphasis on the child’s wellbeing and the importance of biological connections, the bill aims to create a more transparent and nurturing environment for children entering new families.

environmental protection legislation

Tenfold Fines for Firework Enthusiasts

The government of Cyprus is proposing a tenfold increase in fines for illegal use of fireworks in Troodos, Cyprus. This measure is aimed at protecting the environment, including countryside, forestland, beaches, and at sea, following incidents that have jeopardized natural beauty and safety in the region.

transparency wealth declaration

Strengthening Transparency: The Upcoming Wealth Declaration Framework for Cyprus’ Politically Exposed Persons

Cyprus introduces new wealth declaration requirements for officials and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), aiming to boost transparency and combat corruption. Detailed capital statements will be submitted to the Tax Commissioner for review, disclosing financial assets and net asset positions of officials and their families, except for Supreme Court judges who are exempt from these requirements.

renewable energy legislation

Innovative Renewable Energy Initiatives in the Legislative Spotlight

The House energy committee has introduced forwardthinking legislative proposals to boost renewable energy adoption, including exemptions for RES installations from connection and usage fees for ten years, subsidies for indirect energy storage solutions like hydrogen, and support for farmers using photovoltaic systems for irrigation. These initiatives aim to accelerate the transition to renewable energy, address funding challenges, and empower sectors like agriculture to embrace sustainable practices, marking a significant step towards a greener, more innovative future.

aviation wildfires

Strengthening Firefighting Efforts Through Aviation

The government is taking bold steps to fortify firefighting against wildfires by acquiring ten private aircraft, injecting €5.5 million into ground resources, integrating aviation into the National Guard, reopening the forestry college for workforce training, and enacting stricter legislation against arson. These endeavors are geared towards bolstering both ground and aerial response capacities, marking a proactive stance in combating the escalating threat of wildfires in the nation.

education technology

Navigating the Integration of Technology in Secondary Education

Cyprus is drafting legislation to regulate mobile phone use in secondary schools, with penalties for misuse that could include storing phones in lockers or switching them off during class to reduce distractions and misconduct. The education ministry seeks consistent enforcement of rules to maintain a positive educational environment and address concerns over the impact of mobile phones on students’ behavior and performance.

environment legislation

Cyprus Takes Action Against Plastic Pollution

Cyprus has taken bold steps to combat plastic pollution, including banning thin plastic carrier bags and singleuse plastics like cutlery and straws. These measures have led to a significant decrease in plastic consumption and set an example for sustainability efforts worldwide.

casinos tax reduction

North’s Casinos to See Tax Reductions

In the northern region, casinos will now benefit from reduced gaming services taxes, cut in half from ten to five percent, as the government aims to ease the overall tax burden on gambling establishments. However, the tax rates on the number of gaming tables and slot machines have simultaneously increased by 17 percent, potentially affecting both casino finances and government revenue.

healthcare legislation

Enhancing Healthcare: Constructive Dialogue Between Health Minister and Medical Association

At a recent meeting between Cyprus’ Health Minister and the Pancyprian Medical Association, critical healthcare concerns were addressed. Topics included strengthening the legislative framework of Gesy, enhancing quality control, and expanding services to address the needs of lowincome pensioners. The goal is to evolve public hospitals to provide comprehensive care aligned with Gesy’s objectives, ensuring timely staffing and fair remuneration for healthcare professionals.

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